STATUES Isn’t that a popular word these days?

STATUES Isn’t that a popular word these days? Great monuments to great men who we think did great deeds, great deed doers. But who should get to have there great deeds put into marble ? Well it looks like we need to have a vote every time somebody want’s to put up statue to make shure  that none are offended would that solve it ? No it would not, what we need to do is take down all statues all races, religions, political beliefs, yes lets take down the St. Louis Arch,  and Lincoln memorial,  and all of them in Washington D.C . There now we can all be friends. 





Ain’t Nothin but a Peanut


Some times you just have to say that, I say that a lot when I lift weights why well I herd it on you tube and it sounded good so that’s what I do we read Facebook, twitter any social media and we get angry upset and angry over thing’s we have no control over, we rant and write things we would never say in public, there are the social justice people, the far right wing, the far left wing, blm, white supremacist, what ever.

You know some times we need to say Ain’t nothin but a peanut why cause thats what life is nothin but a peanut. 



Don’t give up

At the start of this I thought all I had to do was just stay close to a calorie count and keep away from sugar, well that worked for the first month then things seemed to stall out , the weight did not come off like I thought it should then the poor me attitude kicked in then the I quit stage well back came the weight back came the depression and the bad attitude after about three months of this I had to change.

I then adopted the “don’t give up attitude” no mater what I did I would not Quit or give up, yes I still make mistakes but I over come them and fight back. Every day I go to the gym I go to war for my life and  my family that’s why you never give up there is always somebody counting on you, needing you, loving you, you have to be there for them.

No body is perfect that’s reserved for the Lord, remember small steps clime mountains we all make mistakes but never ever give up.


Time to start working out

A personal trainer at the y one day came up to me and asked why I only did cardio well I told him, ” I was to old and to fat to go in and do free weights” well he assured me that I was not, I seid we will see so he showed me the correct way to use the equipment and what to use to reach my goals. I kind of went off on my own after that to use most of the equipment in there five days a week. Now the only thing that was lacking was the nutrition that’s how I ended up at the supplement super store with there help I learned what to eat and when and what supplements to use and when. Here below are some of what I use.

My past life

My past life was filled with bad choices, bad food , inactivity , and no self esteem sounds like there should be a song here on June the 24th I ended in the ER with a bp of 212 over 112 they seid I should be dead  well God let me live weighing in at 366 pounds it was time to change or die, well with a wife and 11 year old son that was not a choise, I knew a diet would not work they never did so it came to a whole life style change that meant changing both physically and mentally, next came a membership at the Y that changed a lot of things it gave more confidence and started my new life, well thats it in a nut shell.